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International Coffee Treats

It’s hard to keep track of all the names for coffee drinks and beans these days. Fortunately the abundance of choice makes finding a new favorite coffee beverage easier than ever. If you prefer drinking coffee out that is fine or drink it at home and purchase one of the new fancy grind and brew coffee makers. No matter if you sip coffee in your kitchen or on the street, there is a name for everything and a few you should learn!

For instance the European, Frappe, is one commonly mispronounced in the States. The ‘e’ is silent. Latin Americans also enjoy the Frappe which is made by pour two teaspoons of sugar, a dash of milk, crushed ice, and chilled espresso together. You can also add brandy or crème de cacao for a subtle change. Drink it with a straw to be more “Euro.”

The Cappuccino Borgia is named after a poisner! You can add together a quarter-cup of peeled orange with 1 and a.5 cups of chocolate ice cream, about six tablespoons of orange juice, ¼ milk, and some espresso. Now blend it all together for an amazing drink that brings us back to the 15th century Italy!

Try a Caribbean speciality with the Calypso Cooler. This drink mixes coffee, bananas, coffee ice cream, and rum for an over the top treat!

Try the Coffee Zabaglone for another timeless treat. You add ¼ cup dry Marsala, ¼ sugar, salt, 4 egg yolks and then wisk them all together and cook the mixture on the stove. Add some Italian roast to the mix and you have an amazing hangover cure and breakfast drink.

Jump to New Orleans for a ‘Mardi Gras’ by mixing.5 cup heavy cream, bourbon, eggnog and a extra hearty American roast. This should help you stay up and party all night long!

The Scandinavians, coffee lovers in their own right, use cardamom to make a delicious coffee drink called, Cardomom Kaffee. Make this by heating up a mixture of a teaspoon of sugar, two teaspoons of curacao, and 1/8 of cognac. 10 seconds in a microwave or on the stove should do and then light it on fire with a match. Add a half-cup of coffee and you have a great winter treat!

No matter what the coffee name is you can always give a kick to your brew with an international treat!