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If a purist asks whether you want your coffee black, the answer will often be an inadvertent yes, then an inward grimace. Of course black coffee is delicious. Drink it like a hero, right? Not necessarily.

There are several wonderful flavors, blends and mixes that could be enjoyed as any coffee purist would, as a coffee is supposed to be enjoyed. This is precisely why over time coffee lovers all over the world have kept experimenting and coming out with different coffee flavors and roasts. The best part is, it has not yet been perfected. You, like the rest of us, still have the opportunity to decide which coffee is best for you. For all the hype and the claims to be "the best coffee in the world" by many manufacturers and growers, coffee really is a personal issue. There is absolutely no truth in the idea that some coffee are vastly superior to others. There is however, truth in the saying that the proof of a good coffee is in its brewing.

Life is definitely more exciting with a little more flavor. You take whatever coffee works best for you and be proud with the choice, whether it's flavored coffee or black.

Flavored coffee drinkers must stand together and unite. When caught red-handed purchasing it, do not make the poor excuse that it was meant for your mother, honestly. Drink it and be happy with it. After all, it is your taste buds you want to please, not anyone else's.

Enjoying flavored coffee may be as old as Hamurrabi. As a matter of fact, even the Turks of old, famous for having no sugar mixes, had the coffee in their ibrik with cinnamon, cardamom, clove (of all things), sometimes as weird as a pepper-flavored coffee. In other areas there is also a coconut flavored coffee. There are even rumors of flavoring with garlic. It can be gross, the length that one has to go just to have a flavored coffee. The purist who prefers his coffee black will grimace at that, but then you're even.

Today, thank your lucky stars we have better ways of enjoying a good cup of flavored coffee. Flavored coffees come in countless flavors, including: Irish cream, mocha, amaretto, vanilla, peppermint, cinnamon spice, pumpkin spice, and raspberry.

Flavored coffee beans are divided into the following categories:

* Spice-based flavored coffee, such as cinnamon.

* Chocolate-based flavored coffee beans like mint mocha.

* Vanilla-based flavored coffee, including the nut-based flavors like hazelnut and macadamia nut flavored coffee.

* Fruit-based flavored coffee like raspberry, melon and coconut.

While the lists are the elementary groupings, roasters are also experimenting with mixing the groups to come out with a delicious coffee flavor.

As previously mentioned, coffee is still undergoing a tremendous amount of development and innovation. No perfect blend has been discovered in spite of thr various claims. Coffee lovers still have a chance to come out with their own original flavored coffee. Garlic, though, might be a bit much for even the most diehard coffee enthusiasts.