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If you're a newcomer to buying coffee beans, you may think it seems confusing as
to what type to buy. But follow the three simple steps below and you'll be an
expert in no time!Step 1: Decide what type of beans you want. Coffee beans are
generally classified according to the region they are grown in, which affects
the taste. The two main types are arabica and robusta: arabica is a
higher-quality bean and is usually fuller in flavour than robusta, however this
does tend to be reflected in price, so if you are on a very tight budget you may
want to try robusta beans to begin with.Step 2: Choose the taste and aroma
characteristics that you want from your coffee. When you read descriptions of
coffee beans, you will notice that they are often described in terms of flavour,
aroma, body and acidity. The best way that you can get to grips with the
different aspects of taste and aroma is to try out as many different types of
coffee as possible. You will then develop your own favourites and be able to
decide for yourself which types will be bestsellers for your business.Step 3:
Find a reputable coffee bean dealer that suits you. Once you know what you are
looking for, you can pick a company to buy your beans from. If you decide to buy
your coffee beans online (often a quicker and easier alternative to buying them
from a shop), make sure the website that you buy from allows you to shop
securely, and read their privacy policy carefully.One other thing to remember is
that no matter how high the quality of the bean, the flavour of the coffee can
still be impaired by grinding or brewing incorrectly, so make sure that you
follow the recommendations of the manufacturers when subjecting the beans to
these processes.