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There are many people who have for long considered themselves purists in the
world of coffee, and wouldn't dream of touching this sacred brew. But all of
this is changing now, coffee is being flavoured and you can have any one of
hundreds of kinds now.Blenders are practically artists now, with exotic blends
being designed all the time. There is an Indonesian blend which is a mix of
Sumatran and Papua New Guinea beans that yields a flavourful full bodied brews.
Newer regions such as Papua New Guinea and Sumatra are being scoured for new
kinds of beans for these blends. Sumatra beans mixed with Colombian Patron gives
a smoky, dark taste to the blend.In addition to blending different beans, adding
flavourings to coffee adds a new element. Many flavours, such as cherry, almond or
vanilla, can soften the acidity of some blends. Add a banana hazelnut syrup to
a plain robusta blend, and you have a whole new experience. Try a Tahitian
vanilla latte for a real taste experience.If mocha is the taste you prefer, you
have almost as many chocolate flavours to choose from as you have coffee flavours.
Try a Yemen roast with a light touch of dark chocolate melted and well blended
into it. For a treat on the lighter side, do the same with Giradelli chocolate
melted into and American roast blend. You can blend flavourings in with a
blending machine, or whisk them in by hand. There is no end to the concoctions
you can come up with using your coffee machine or even just your one cup coffee
maker. Besides using different beans, roasts or flavourings, try adding exotic
liqueurs to your coffee.Certain coffees lend themselves to certain ingredients.
Try a Jamaican roast with fruits, brown sugar and rum added. You'll find that
Costa Rican blend goes very well with an almond flavoured liqueur.Stronger than
chocolate, cocoa also makes a great ingredient to cut the flavour of coffee.
Making a drink that is hot or cold, you can easily blend coffee beans and coffee
beans for a fabulous treat. People who love to experiment with different tastes
of coffee are aways coming up with new things. How about a frozen cappuccino on
a hot summer day to wake you right up? Instead of plain chocolate, try chocolate
mint in your next cup of coffee.If you are one of the many who want a cup of
decaf in the morning instead of the "real thing", even the strongest of coffees
now come decaffeinated.You can choose from such exotic choices as Italian
Espresso, Decaf Marrakesh and even a Dutchman (a blend of Indonesian, Central
American and African).When coffee aficionados talk about "nuttiness", that is
not a compliment for coffee. But adding some nut or other ingredients such as
raspberry or coconut to your coffee may be an interesting change. You may
eventually want to go back to the basic cup of the coffee purist, but a little
detour doesn't hurt once in a while.