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Unique selling points can be used to help understand web branding, but the
essence of branding is always a much bigger picture.It's only the best of ‘good
starts' to define your selling points, but at the end of the day you are wanting
to help consumers understand who you are as much they understand what you do.
Think about it this way. At the end of your life when someone stands to give
your eulogy do you want them to say, “Hey, he was really good at checkers and he
was especially fond of coffee”? Of course not. Those things might describe
certain points about you, but they don't describe you. At the end of the day we
all want to be thought of as more than coffee drinking checker players. The same
premise is true for online businesses too. You don't want to be thought of as,
“That one store that sells that one thing.” You want people to so identify with
your core values, selling points and service that they, in some strange way,
come to think of your business as something they couldn't do without.You have to
understand when a consumer gets excited about a business they will be very
likely to pass the word along. What is it that you want them to say about you?
If happy customers become ambassadors for your business then you need to help
forge such a crystal clear identity they won't have difficulty expressing the
essence of your web store.In many ways doing the hard work of web branding can
go a long way in helping you learn to use the internal compass that can help
guide you to greatness.Sometimes the lack of web branding is motivated by the
desire for a quick buck. This may be a prime motivator for most businesses, but
those that take the time to help consumers get a glimpse of what makes you
unique the results can be phenomenal. I've used the illustration of an onion
before; pull back the layers to uncover what is at the heart of your business.
I've suggested learning what selling point makes you unique in your business.
The truth is those things are important, but so are the layers you peel back to
see the heart of your business. Everything you are passionate about doing add up
to your picture perfect web branding.