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The fact that ceramic coffee mugs are used for morning cups of coffee made them
so popular that they can be easily found in almost all retail stores.And because
the first act many people do at the beginning of any day is to reach out for
their ceramic coffee mugs, most of these items comes with very interesting
themes, clich?s, or design.Several folks prefer kitchen accessories and utensils
with uniform designs, but this might not apply to ceramic coffee mugs because
almost everyone has one that suits their moods or personalities as such people
believe that just like wines, some mugs can bring a tastier cup of
coffee.Personally, the ceramic coffee mug I use for my early morning brew has
the holiday season as its theme, but I care less and use it throughout the
year.This item is safely kept behind my dinnerware, and I only use it for my
brew in the absence of guests. I admit it sounds a bit funny, but I believe the
cup imparts a better taste to my brew so I enjoy having my coffee from this
cup.In some cases, sentimental values are also attached to kitchen accessories.
And again, I think my ceramic coffee mug is devoid of this, my only observation
is just the tasty feeling it gives my morning brews.But several folks prefer and
do drink out of very special cups that were presented as gifts and which remind
them of the presenters or the special occasions they were given.One way of
showing real care to people close to you is by giving them ceramic coffee mugs
as gifts. One of the favourite cups of my sister is the one with the inscription
“Dear God, please don't make me parallel park today”. This apparently amuse her
daily because cannot parallel park to save her life.It must however be pointed
out that it is quite possible not to find the ceramic coffee mug that conveys
the ideal image or message, so the best thing to do under such situations is to
simply create one yourself.Fortunately, the item falls into the category of
those that can be easily customized to suit the recipient of gifts. There are
several places that allow you add pictures and texts to your cup.Amongst the
companies offering this service, my favourite is Caf press as it let you create a
store and customize your ceramic coffee mug.To people who have a high artistic
flair and enjoy presenting people with sentimental presents, this is their idea
of a virtual playground.The customized ceramic coffee mugs are irresistible that
they simply can't be kept in a cupboard.