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When you heard the word ‘coffee' do you automatically get a pain in your chest?
If you don't then you are one of the lucky ones, but for millions of coffee
drinkers this is not the case. Many people can't drink their favourite brew
without fear of heartburn. Since coffee is popular all the world over its hard
for those who suffer from heartburn to be left out of enjoying this delicious
beverage. The flavour and aroma are so inviting that some of us risk heart burn
to enjoy a beverage hot from their home or office's one cup coffee makers. Why
does coffee give us heartburn? Heartburn is caused by stomach acids leaking
into the esophagus where they are not supposed to be! When the esophagus lining
comes into contact by these stomach acids then the lining get irritates and this
acid causes heartburn. Caffeine is a main reason behind heartburn. Your body
will produce more acid when you are drinking something caffeinated and this
extra acid from your stomach will go into the lower esophageal sphincter.
Coffee has loads of caffeine and makes heartburn even worse. A new technology
called, Hevla technology, may hold some relief for all of those who suffer from
caffeine induced heartburn. The Hevla process steams coffee beans at a high
pressure and this removes caffeine without getting rid of the great taste and
aroma. This can help people to enjoy coffee without the caffeine and without
the heartburn. Using the Hevla technique to remove the caffeine in coffee you
still get the highest quality coffee and best flavour. In the world of science
and health this is a great feat. Now we can enjoy coffee and be heartburn free.
Once this new Hevla coffee hits a supermarket near you than people will be able
to resume their coffee habits without ever worrying about heartburn again. You
will still get that great taste from your machine without the pain! You won't
have to worry that you are sacrificing great taste for decaf. You'll know you
are getting premium coffee that is safe for you to drink.