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If you love your coffee, you will love dishes made from coffee. There are many
dishes that use the wonderful taste of coffee as their main component. Let your
coffee maker help you prepare your meals.Most people think of using coffee to
make desserts-and there are great recipes for that-but coffee adds a distinctive
flavour to many other dishes as well. You can make barbecue sauces and glazes for
meats, and put coffee in chili and pot roast recipes, to name a few.Just as you
use other fresh ingredients in your recipes, you should be sure the coffee you
use is fresh. Either buy freshly ground coffee or grind your own, with your
coffee grinding machine. If the recipe calls for brewed coffee, brew it just
before you use it; don't use your leftover coffee for this. Most of the recipes
using coffee use coffee that is 2-3 times stronger than drinking coffee, since
the flavour is going to be blended. So here are a few of the wonderful recipes
using coffee:Coffee Meatloaf Sauce: Add a tablespoon of instant coffee to a
blend of the following ingredients: a quarter cup of water, a half a cup of
ketchup, a quarter cup of dry red wine, a quarter cup of Worcestershire sauce,
two teaspoons of vinegar, an ounce of margarine, two tablespoons of lemon juice
and a teaspoon of brown sugar. Cook your favourite meatloaf recipe, but after
about 1/2 hour of cooking, pour this sauce over it and continue baking for 45
minutes more at 375 degrees (190C) for tender, delicious meatloaf.Espresso
Brownies: Gently heat a cup of sugar, a quarter teaspoon of salt, and a stick
and a half of butter in a sauce pan; add a teaspoon of vanilla, four ounces of
chopped, semi-sweet chocolate and stir until melted in. Add a tablespoon of dark
roast coffee. If you would like to add a crunch, add two teaspoons of espresso
granules. Mix everything together and let cool, fold in three eggs and a cup of
flour. Pour into a rectangular baking pan, bake for 30 minutes and set out to
cool. Perfect brownies every time!Black Russian Cake: Make dark chocolate cake
mix, your own or from a box, and add a cup of vegetable oil, a package of
instant chocolate pudding, four eggs, and a half a cup of creme de cacao. To
this mix, add a cup of Russian coffee. (A cup of black coffee with an ounce of
vodka and an 1/2 ounce of Kahlua added.) Beat well and put into a tube pan and
bake for 45 minutes. Your guests will love this switch from Black Forest
Cake.You can even enjoy great cocktails using coffee; Kahlua is only one of
many. If you want to be able to add coffee to just about everything you like,
try making your own coffee syrup. There's even a recipe for coffee syrup.
Combine a cup of sugar with a cup of double strength Colombian coffee. Boil,
stirring constantly until the sugar dissolved. Lower heat, simmer and stir for
three minutes, then cool. You can put this flavouring into almost any of your
favourite dishes and add the special touch of coffee.