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It might be a real eye-opener when people realize how many types of coffee
packages there are offered in the Coffee Industry. There are so many different
types of coffee packages because people drink coffee beverages in so many
different environments. The flavours of the coffees vary too and that adds to the
number of various types of coffee package designs too.Most people are familiar
with the branded coffees that are found in supermarkets, and the typical sizes
of those offerings. Some people prefer to buy the freeze dried coffee because it
is easier to fix in the mornings when only a cup or two will suffice. Most
people choose between a large can of ground coffee that is weighed in ounces
instead of pounds. The pound size bags have been reduced lately too, or did the
various types of coffee packages fool you too?Many of the hotel chains prefer to
purchase the types of coffee packages that will fit the 4 cup coffee makers that
are placed inside every hotel room. The various types of coffee packages that
are chosen for the room will be typically more regular ground coffee pods, and
one that will produce some decaffeinated coffee. Of course, the coloring for the
decaffeinated coffee is usually green, and the regular coffee will be red.Many
people do not realize how expensive the various types of coffee packages are
that are placed in a hotel room. Some hotel coffee services charge right at $30
for 18 rooms to have a coffee packet inside the room. That is one cost that is
doubled when two types of packages are placed, and again when two of one kind
are chosen, and then for each decaffeinated pack that is chosen.The types of
coffee packages that hotels choose and pay for will definitely make you review
how you view your own coffee selection and price at the supermarket. The types
of coffee packages that they choose will generally include Caribou French Ground
or Caribou Blend Ground Coffee. If someone wanted to select a Starbucks brand
for their hotel, then they would be expected to pay $37.40 or more for the same
number of rooms.Most hotels will only offer a 4-cup coffee maker in each room
because they cost less to buy. If the hotels would switch over to guest room
coffee, they could really save a bunch of money. The types of coffee packages
used in a room equipped with a Melitta or Hamilton Beach single cup coffee maker
are pods. These pods of coffee will brew one cup apiece and cost the hotels only
$4.39 for 12 cups.