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Coffee Recipes By The CupYou can increase your enjoyment of an international and
ancient beverage even more by experimentation. Whether cappuccino machines or
espresso machines are your coffee maker of choice there is a ton to try! That's
right get a great cup of coffee, whether you like it Mexican, Cuban, or
…there are many to choose from! This is a daring way to start, but you can bake a
coconut at 300F or 134C for about 30 minutes and then allow it to cool off.
After this cut open the coconut and remove the meat by grating it. Mix the
coconut bits and 1/2 cup milk and heat on the stove. Once its thick you can
strain it and then pour it in your coffee for a great treat! If you want to try
a traditional Mexican way of drinking coffee then you can blend chocolate and
coffee for a great drink. Pour a teaspoon of chocolote syrup into your coffee.
Add a bit of cinnamon and nutmeg too. Mix all this will some white sugar and
you have a delicious drink. You can also add whipped cream on top! Try a Cubano
which is drunk straight. You can also make this into an Americano by adding
some rum or warmed milk. Don't put too much milk though, keep it more heavy on
the rum. The English enjoy Grog which is made by cutting up an orange and
breaking apart the slices. Cut a lemon and repeat. Now put one orange slice
into the bottom of a glass and add 1/3 tablespoon of butter, a tablespoon of
brown sugar, and a bit of ground up cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Just add
about half a cup of coffee and you have an great drink! Add more cream or milk
depending on your taste. You can also try an Austrian way of drinking brew.
Start by melting about 1/8 cup of your favourite chocolate with a tablespoon of
cream on your stove. Now just add a half cup of coffee and whip it up and allow
it to settle. Pour into a cup and add some cocoa powder or cinnamon for a
traditional treat. Try out a new twist on the traditional coffee makers with a
Turkish “dezva” or special pot used to make this type of coffee. This coffee is
strong to the taste. You'll add water into the pot with and then you can add
some sugar. Allow it to boil and then remove it from heat and add a teaspoon of
grounds. Stir it up and heat it once again. When you get a foamy consistency on
top remove it from heat to cool. Try iced coffee from Vietnam by buying a
Vietnamese coffee press. Once you have this you just need to put in ground
coffee and pour some condensed milk into a glass. Pour boiling water over the
press and allow the dripping process to begin. Just add ice for a cool summer
drink. If making it at home is not so fun, then hop on a plane for a world tour
of the greatest coffee drinks!