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Fair Trade Coffee is an organization that protects the laborers who work hard to
bring you great coffee. Fair Trade Coffee is produced a bit differently from
regular beans, but still ensures that the beans are of the highest caliber.In
the United States people drink a lot of coffee, from cappuccino to espresso.
Most people couldn't face a day without their morning cup, but most people have
no clue how coffee is made. Fair Trade Coffee helps bring information on this
process to the many coffee drinkers in the U.S.In the past many workers who toil
to pick and plant the beans have been mistreated. Fair Trade Coffee is made on
plantations that have a great record for worker's rights. The working conditions
have to be safe and the employees are paid a fair wage for their work.Fair Trade
coffee focuses on social and economic justice for coffee producers, while also
bringing high quality coffee products to the U.S. Those of use who are coffee
types will enjoy knowing that their cappuccino consumption is helping others. If
the coffee is being produced under poor working conditions the organization will
not certify the coffee beans.Since so many workers suffer from poor conditions
and inadequate pay, we should support Fair Trade Coffee by buying the coffee and
still helps its workers. Fair Trade Coffee holds the highest standards to its
certification process making sure we know what we are getting.Next time you are
sipping on your espresso make sure you know that your coffee didn't come from a
“sweatshop in a field.” This refers to the farmers who own plantations where
their workers are mistreated. These farmers are paid poorly and mistreated.You
can find many Fair Trade Coffee suppliers that will fit the need of any coffee
types! You can get order off the Fair Trade Coffee website or find some in a
shop near you. You will feel good know you are doing what you can to help