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Grinding coffee beans in the correct manner is an essential part of creating a
good-quality cup of coffee, so buying a coffee grinder is one of the better
investments you can make in your business. But there are several important
points to consider when making your purchase, and you should think about each
point carefully before spending your money.What type of coffee grinder do you
need? For example, some grinders operate manually by turning a handle, however
if you expect to be producing a lot of coffee, you might want to buy an
automatic one. They tend to be more expensive but will save you a lot of time
and effort if you expect to be grinding a lot of coffee beans. Also, bear in
mind that coffee beans should ideally be ground no more than 2 minutes before
brewing in order to avoid staling, which drastically impairs the flavour of the
coffee itself - it can therefore be useful to have an automatic coffee grinder
that can quickly grind the beans just before they are needed.Where should you
buy your grinder? There are many web sites that sell coffee grinders, so make
sure you do your research thoroughly. It can be much cheaper to buy your grinder
from a company based in your own country, as you will save money on shipping
costs, however if you want a certain brand or type of grinder that is only
available overseas, you will of course need to look at web sites from further
afield.How much should you spend? This really depends on your own budget.
Grinding your own coffee can enormously improve the flavour, so buying a
good-quality grinder is important; however, prices do differ immensely from web
site to web site. Wherever you choose to buy your coffee grinder from, do your
research, decide on a budget and stick to it.