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A coffee machine can be an integral part of a business, so it is vital that it
is kept running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. When you buy a coffee
machine, you should check the manufacturer's guidelines as to how often they
recommend it be serviced- most manufacturers recommend a quarterly service. This
should help to catch any potential problems before they really start, and will
ensure that a high standard of coffee is produced every time. If your machine
does break down, follow the golden rules listed below to ensure that your
machine is repaired as quickly and painlessly as possible.1. Don't try and fix
it yourself! Coffee machines are complex, and, tempting though it may be to
tinker with it yourself in order to avoid paying for repairs, you can end up
doing far more damage than good and can cause the repairs to take even longer
than they would have done.2. Check the warranty. Most coffee machines will come
with a warranty- 12 or 36 months is typical- and this will usually cover any
repairs that need to be carried out within the warranty period, so you won't
have to shell out extra cash to get your machine fixed.3. Compare coffee machine
repairers online. This is a quick and easy way to find the most suitable company
for you- just by looking at their website you should be able to tell whether
they cover your area, what their service includes (for example, on-site repair
or loan machines), and so on- although you will probably need to phone them and
explain the problem (or they may need to see the problem for themselves) in
order to get a quote.Whatever happens, DO make sure you get your machine fixed.
Although the problem may seem small enough to ignore, chances are it will be
affecting the quality of your coffee, and it could lead to much bigger problems
that are even more expensive to repair.