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Often enough we can come across friends, colleagues, neighbors, and even fellow
PTA members that possess an espresso coffee maker. The times have been changing
with the fast paced lives of people when everyone seems to be in a hurry and
less time is spent on living and tea rooms and more instead on the town's coffee
shop. Way before the coffee shops started to mushroom, there were a few
espresso coffee makers sold in the common market. Getting a hold of these
machines would be at coffee exhibits and conventions only. During those times
preparing for a cup of espresso (and for coffee drinkers a cup of espresso is
just a couple of sips) takes long and can be a messy process. Everything is
done manually from the boiling of the water to the grinding and tampering of the
powdered beans. Preparing this would mean having knowledge on what it takes to
be a barista.As more and more people have enjoyed true gourmet and specialty
coffee, there are many models of espresso coffee makers out in the market today.
There are some models that practically do everything and all the user has to do
is to plug the espresso coffee maker and a perfect brew of espresso will be
ready in just a couple of minutes.Semi – automatic Espresso Coffee MakerFor
espresso coffee lovers who want to have total control on the taste, flavour and
texture of their espresso – this machine is just for you. This type of espresso
machine is not fully automatic and mainly for the reason of controlling the
outcome and taste of the espresso. For budgeted espresso lovers who want to own
a piece of espresso machine this is the right model for you. The price range
for these models is from $100 – $1,000 depending on the brand and model. These
models do not give a mediocre brew. It basically still has the same outcome as
the automatic ones except for the fact that you‘ll just have to perform some of
the tampering. Fully Automatic Espresso Coffee MakerTop of the line espresso
machines are these models with some having prices that go as much as $4,000.
These machines are the fully-automated-press-the-button machines and all the
coffee aficionados just have to sit and relax for his espresso to drip unto the
cup. These models come with a standard LCD screen where in you can program the
thickness and the quantity of the espresso. The volume of the espresso can also
be programmed in order for it to fit exactly on the cup without spillage. The
price range for these models would start at about $300 and could go as high as
$4500. So it's a good idea to check out first the basic models before jumping
onto the more complicated ones so as not to lose that hard earned money.