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No matter what the brand of the coffee that you buy and no matter how great the
advertisement is, if you do not own a coffee roaster and grind the beans
yourself, you are missing out on enjoyment and paying a high price for it.Before
the age of mass communication, before the age of advertisements, coffee roasters
were all within the family, and they were the ones who roasted their coffee and
enjoyed them wholeheartedly.It's always been a good feeling to wake up every
morning with a pleasant coffee aroma. But the coffee aroma that many of us woke
up each day is usually the aroma that comes from a metal can or a ceramic jar.
That storage could never compare to freshly-ground beans.The difference is this:
If you roast with your own coffee roaster, drinking your own roasted coffee is
like biting into freshly baked bread. The opposite is experienced by people who
don't have coffee roasters. For them, they drink coffee that's like eating
pre-cooked popcorn that is rubbery to the taste.It could be hard to believe now,
because so many people had been used to buying instant goods that often cannot
compare to freshly-roasted beans. Try it for yourself sometime, just for the
experience. Even if at first you don't achieve the level of exceptional coffee
roasters, the coffee that you made, even with all its imperfections, will still
be much better than those that you buy from a grocery store. There is an extra
incentive as well. You will save up to 50% of the cost of store-bought
coffee.Aside from making coffee that is half the cost and tastes much better,
here are other reasons to become your own coffee roaster.Everyone knows how
delicious freshly baked bread tastes compared with the stale loaves. Serving as
your own coffee roaster and drinking from your own roasted coffee is as big a
difference as that.A roasting coffee bean explodes with aroma that is without
equal. It permeates the senses and stimulates you to wake up and face the
day.Instant coffee and other grocery-grade coffee will not leave such an
aftertaste on your palate. If it ever does, it will only be for a short while,
not so with a freshly roasted coffee. On the contrary, your palate will retain
the delicious taste for most of the morning.When you are your own coffee
roaster, you can be assured the best quality coffee because you cannot help but
make it special for yoursself. You can sample the gourmet coffees. They too are
freshly roasted and are an excellent alternative to the pre-ground coffee that
you buy. Even then, it will never be and can never be as fresh and as good as
when you roast it yourself.If you can boil an egg, you can roast coffee. It is
really quite simple. Use a popcorn popper if you can't find anything to properly
roast the beans with. Pour in the beans and let them roast. If you do not want
it too dark, have it lighter by roasting it for less time. You can make
adjustments for different coffee textures as you experiment.The satisfaction
that you will get will more than make up for the trouble that you have by
roasting your own coffee. Ignore the advertisements and experience for yourself
how superb coffee really is. After that, you will never believe the boasting of
coffee companies who say they have the best coffee in the world.