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Coffee is a big money maker in the world and has changed the way that people
approach life all over the world. There billions of people who use coffee for
various reasons, but mostly either for a pick me up or because they really do
enjoy the taste of the coffee. You will find that the legends that are about the
coffee plant goes clear back to 500 BC where it was discovered in Ethiopia. It
was then brought to Arabia and that is where coffee got it's name. During the
renaissance, you will find that not only did coffee because an art, but it was
almost commercially produced. By the end of the renaissance and that beginning
of the 19th century, coffee became something that was drank all over Europe,
Asia, the Middle East, and both the southern and northern America. It was also
something that all classes could afford too.Then there were some people who
thought that it had health effects of miracles. It was claimed that it could
make a couple have a baby by making the man more fertile, however, it has been
theorized that caffeine stimulates the sperm. Then there were some studies that
proved that diabetes could be helped by coffee because it will reduce cirrhosis
of the liver and could help with the way that people are affected by asthma.You
may also find that coffee has been claimed to have antioxidants much like wine.
However, there are still any things about coffee that you should pay heed to
when it comes to the amount that you use. You need to learn how to weigh the
pros and the cons. Coffee is a diuretic and it will encourage the body to take
frequent pit stops, but it could also lead to some long-term damage to the
nervous system.Regardless of whether coffee is good for you or if it is bad for
you, there are always going to be true coffee drinkers. You will find that it
has become quite a moneymaker and is the second largest moneymaker next to oil.
It is traded on many of the stock exchanges and there are billions of dollars
made in coffee each year. There are many ways that you can use the coffee and
there are many different types of coffee grown all around the world, however,
you will find that there are many opportunities yet to come so that you can try
them all.