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In order to make a really good espresso coffee, it is important that the coffee
beans are ground in the correct manner. How finely they need to be ground
depends on the brewing method used; if these two aspects are not properly
matched, the full aromatic flavour will not be extracted and the cup of coffee
produced will be substandard - coffee beans that are too finely ground will
produce coffee that tastes overly bitter, whilst too-coarse beans will produce
weak, bland and insipid coffee.Buying your own coffee grinder, therefore, can be
a fantastic investment: you have full control over the grinding process, and
have the distinct advantage that you can grind the beans yourself just before
they are to be brewed (this is recommended in order to achieve the best cup of
coffee possible. If beans are ground more than a couple of minutes immediately
before brewing, they can become stale and the flavour will be impaired).When you
buy a coffee grinder online, make sure that you do enough research to understand
what you are buying. The range of grinders offered by different web sites can
vary immensely from company to company, and of course the price will fluctuate
too. The two main varieties of coffee grinder are burr grinders and blade
grinders: burr grinders grind the coffee using a mill-like action, and tend to
grind very evenly and cleanly, whilst blade grinders actually chop the bean into
pieces at a much faster speed than burr grinders, resulting in coffee grinds of
varying evenness, and producing a dust that can clog up espresso
machines.Whichever machine you opt for, ensure you choose a web site that allows
you to shop securely, and make sure you take into account the shipping charge
when making your purchase. It can also be useful to buy a machine that offers a
warranty, just in case anything goes wrong.