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Just one day after the Indianapolis Colts and the Chicago Bears made it to Super
Bowl XLI, a coffee mug featuring the teams appeared on an Internet auction
site.A coffee mug can come in every color, in different shapes and covered in
clever statements, advertisements or promotions such as the one for Super Bowl
XLI.A coffee mug's function is to hold a hot beverage, such as coffee or tea.
Usually made of ceramic, a coffee mug will have a handle to protect your hands
from the heat radiating from the beverage. But walk through any large office and
you will see more than just a coffee mug with a handle.A coffee mug may have a
funny statement such as "I don't do mornings" or "Ask me after I've had my
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Disney-themed coffee mug is a popular item on Internet auction sites.The shape
of a coffee mug may reflect your hobby. A popular coffee mug among men is shaped
in the form of a golf bag. Another popular coffee mug is shaped like a fish.A
coffee mug is a popular gift at Christmas and on special occasions. A coffee mug
may be part of a gift set. These gift sets may also include gourmet coffees
inside the coffee mug.Advertisers have also recognized the value of having their
product name or service printed on a coffee mug. Most specialty advertising
firms will offer a coffee mug along with T-shirts, pens and hats. Coffee mugs
have advertised everything from restaurants, bars, schools, non-profit agencies
and employment services to name a few.The coffee mug has also played role in
politics as many candidates will hand out as many coffee mugs as they will
flyers or T-shirts while they are campaigning for office.A coffee mug that
features vintage advertising such as the Campbell Soup coffee mugs sell well on
Internet auction sites. That is because many people collect coffee mugs around a
certain theme, whether it is a soup company or animated character.A family's
fine china collection almost always includes a coffee mug. The coffee mug will
have the china pattern imprinted on the mug. This coffee mug is often a smaller
cup than those purchased in gift sets. A coffee mug designed with a fine china
pattern is also a collector's item.You can find a coffee mug at nearly every
souvenir shop. Some of these coffee mugs will have a person's name
screen-printed onto the cup. Another coffee mug may state the name of the city
or state where the mug was purchased. Many people collect coffee mugs from the
places they have visited.Many people need a coffee mug that is less personal and
more practical. A travel mug is well-insulated, keeping beverages warm for
hours. This type of coffee mug will have a tightly-fitting cap with an opening
on top. Most travel mugs fit into a vehicle cup-holder.It is up to you to decide
if you want a practical or personal coffee mug.