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Coffee used to be just coffee. You used to have a choice of either black or
white, with or without caffeine. Today when you decide which coffee beverage to
indulge in choosing a coffee beverage can be very confusing. Some of your
choices may be: an Espresso, a Latte, Mocha, an Iced coffee, or a Cappuccino. In
Chicago they have a very strong special coffee which is very popular amongst the
locals which is called Intelligencia coffee. It is a very potent coffee which is
full of flavour and can be purchased almost anywhere even at gas stations and
convenience stores. The best coffee house in my opinion is in Illinois and can
be found at 3123 North Broadway Street.The History Of The Cup Of CoffeeThe
coffee beverage was first consumed back in 1000A.D. but the first coffee shop
didn't open until the year 1475. In 1601 coffee finally made it to North
America. In the year 1668 the coffee beverage became New York's favourite
breakfast beverage in place of beer and is now know around the world as a
breakfast drink that can be enjoyed at any time of the day.You can buy coffee
beans and grind them yourself or you can but them packaged already ground for
you. The coffee beverage is also available in single packs much like tea bags,
for those who don't want to wait for the coffee beverage to brew, there are
instant granules. There are also powdered versions of cappuccinos as well.There
can be a few factors to consider when choosing the best coffee. Depending on
your mood, the time of day and where you are will help you get your coffee fix.
If your in a hurry and don't have time to stop in a gourmet coffee shop then you
might want to go to a drive thru which can be found in coffee house in Chicago.
There you will get the tried and true coffee beverage. Here are a couple of
Chicago coffee houses you could try.6 Corners Coffee Shop4022 N
MilwaukeeChicagoBridgeport Coffee House3100 S MorganChicagoMetropolis1039 West
Granville AvenueChicago