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The Caffeine in Espresso Versus Other Beverages
There is a great probability that you have heard the rumor that an espresso shot
is filled to the brim with caffeine that many people are simply referring to the
beverage as "caffeine shots." However, have you ever wanted to find out the
truth about espresso and how much caffeine it contains? Is there any such thing
as caffeine-free espresso, a term primarily used for "decaf" coffee? How
unhealthy for you is espresso, really? And if espresso is so unhealthy then why
hasn't it been taken off the market? All of these are great questions that could
come from an espresso addict, coffee addict, or just someone else who would like
to know more about the myths surrounding espresso shots. One thing is for sure,
though, and that espresso shots are definitely not as unhealthy for you as
alcohol shots are.
But the whole problem surrounding espresso, for many people anyway, is the fact
that they've continuously heard that espresso contains so much more caffeine
than other beverages that it is deemed almost dangerous to consume. However,
this is a myth and simply isn't true! Even though espresso does contain quite a
lot of caffeine in one shot, here is how it stacks up to other popular
Espresso Versus Coffee
There are many things to consider when comparing the amount of caffeine in an
espresso shot as compared to a cup of coffee considering the fact that there are
so many varieties of espresso as their are coffee. For this comparison purpose,
though, the term "espresso" means one plain shot of espresso that has no extra
flavour of frills, and "coffee" means a regular black cup of Joe that many people
wake up to in the morning. That being said, you may be surprised to find this
out but a regular black cup of coffee actually has more caffeine that one shot
of espresso. It's true that espresso does contain more milligrams of caffeine
per ounce, but espresso shots are typically only consumed in 1-ounce shot
glasses. Espresso contains about 50 milligrams of caffeine per ounce and coffee
contains around 20 milligrams in an average full cup. However, many people only
usually consume one shot of espresso at a time, whereas others can consume
multiple cups of coffee throughout their morning!
Espresso Versus Coca-Cola
So what would be the better choice: having a can of Coca-Cola in the mornings to
get your kick start or continuing with your espresso routine? As mentioned
above, espresso shots usually contain about 50 milligrams per 1-ounce shot
glass. On the other hand, a 12-ounce can of Coca-Cola usually contains only
about 35 milligrams of caffeine. It is obvious then which beverage is less
harmful, although if you truly want a kick-start in the morning then the
espresso shot would be the way to go!
Altogether, as you can see an espresso shot really is not all that much more
harmful to you than a can of soda pop or even a regular cup of coffee. In the
whole scheme of things one can probably say that espresso is about average when
it comes to the amount of caffeine in a single serving, but now you know just
how espresso shots stack up!