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Starting a Coffee Shop Franchise
As you would have guessed, there are plenty of franchise opportunity for pretty
much everyone to get involved with. Just think at the number of restaurants,
stores, and retail outlets there are across the United States and combine that
with the thought that there are so many franchises around the world and you'll
be amazed at how many franchises it's actually possible to have in one country!
Even so, did you know that there are currently more than 11,000 McDonald's
franchise restaurants throughout the United States and about just as many, if
not more, exist in other countries as well! Indeed, owning a franchise in
today's world has become about the most popular idea next to actually owning
your own store or creating it from scratch. There are breakfast house
franchises, though, fast food restaurant franchises, retail franchises, and even
coffee shop franchises that one is able to start on their own.
A coffee shop franchise is a very interesting and unique opportunity to afford,
though. Out of many of the coffee shop franchises available, many of them have
upwards of $200,000 in startup costs. Aside from the really big coffee and donut
giants like Dunkin' Donuts as one example, owning a coffee shop franchise does
require a hefty out-of-pocket financial requirement although $200,000 for the
average amount for owning a coffee shop isn't too bad at all when compared to
other franchise opportunities. One example of a popular coffee company that
everyone has practically heard of is the Gloria Jean's Coffee Company. Even
though owning this franchise is the exception to a rule, the startup costs for
opening up a Gloria Jean's Coffee store is actually between $300,000 and
If one would truly think about the opportunity before them, though, the returns
that are earned from a coffee shop franchise are well worth the money that is
paid for them. Considering the fact that millions of Americans, as well as
individuals throughout the world, absolutely cannot continue throughout their
morning or day without first grabbing that cup of Jo then one is definitely in
luck if they are going to own a coffee shop franchise!
In return for owning a coffee shop franchise store or any other franchise for
that matter though, one can receive in return an awesome set of extra hands to
help them with their initial startup problems and jitters. Indeed, the
headquarters of the company exists essentially to help out the other franchises
around the world, so this is definitely the first place one should turn in order
to ask if they can change the seating in their restaurant, order coffee from a
different supplier, and ask many of the other questions that coffee shop
franchises usually have!
Altogether, it definitely is worthwhile to open up a coffee shop franchise on
the next corner of your neighborhood! With all the different types of coffee
shop franchises around, though, chances are that it will not be too hard to find
a store that you like!