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It's likely that the majority of stainless steel coffee makers are sold because
they have that different look. The brushed stainless finish almost always looks
nicer then a regular white plastic coffee maker, and glass carafe. Especially
with the kitchens of today being extra stylish, and often having stainless steel
appliances, don't we all want it to match?What some people might not realize is
that there is more to a stainless steel coffee maker then just another pretty
face. There are specifically two key advantages I like about a stainless steel
maker versus my old regular plastic glass carafe coffee maker. One is to do with
replacement parts, the other to do with how my coffee tastes each
morning.Possibly you haven't done this, but leaving a glass carafe in the sink
for a day then doing dishes that evening offers a pretty good chance you could
crack that carafe. Especially if you're loading more dishes in on top of that
carafe through the day. Of course we can all leave it on the counter, or in the
coffee maker, but bottom line is coffee maker carafes aren't indestructible
especially those made of glass. A stainless steel coffee maker often comes with
a stainless steel carafe. Guess what, really tough to break a stainless steel
coffee carafe. You can drop it on the floor, leave it in the sink, some even put
in the dish washer to reduce clean up time. I love it, can't beat something that
I don't have to wash and I can't break it.Now the second benefit of a stainless
steel coffee maker also has to do with the carafe. Often times when I brew half
a pot of coffee just for myself, I don't get around to drinking it all while
it's fresh. The burner on the coffee maker tends to burn the coffee and reduce
the taste and aroma, with a stainless carafe they're usually thermal as well.
Meaning they don't require another heat source they keep the coffee warm inside
by sealing in the warmth, and being insulated in the body. Just like a thermos
you'd take to work with you.Prices vary from under a hundred to several hundred
dollars for a stainless coffee maker. All the major brands offer a stainless
version of their top selling models including Cuisinart, Black and Decker, and
Kitchen Aid. If you're shopping for a new drip coffee maker, be sure to
consider a stainless steel model, and remember the extra few dollars it might
cost isn't just for that sharp looking brushed stainless appearance it's for the
added features to.