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The coffee break is normally one of the American traditions of taking a break
during office hours. It actually started in the early 20th century, and until
now, most Americans are still practicing it.
Most employees take a coffee believing that it will help them reduce stress from
work. Although this is true, some are still finding additional methods of
relaxation to completely ease their stress. Luckily, they have found arcade
games to be a reliable stress-reliever, even for just a short time.
However, some are still finding it hard to look for the good arcade game that
will suit their taste and satisfaction. Because of this, some people end up
their coffee break with nothing but a simple cup of java.
If you do not want to have a boring coffee break, consider the following arcade
games, which you can play to have an exciting and contenting coffee break to
relieve stress.
Bookworm Deluxe
Do you want to have a burning hot word-building game? So, download a copy of the
Bookwork Deluxe. This new game will definitely put your excitement to fire. It
is a downloadable game with graphics, audio and tunes. All you have to do is to
form words to nourish the Bookworm and prevent your tiles from burning up.
Prepare yourself to go underwater and experience thrilling pearl fishing with
great underwater action puzzle. In this arcade game, you will have the chance to
meet underwater animals and expose the secrets of the ocean while catching
different pearls. Look for the puzzling objects and utilize the ship power
properly to gather as many pearls as possible.
Zuma Deluxe
Try the latest arcade game of Pop Cap. Take charge of the stone frog icon of the
prehistoric Zuma in the exciting action puzzle game. There are three sets of
fireballs available but you should not allow them to get to the golden skull or
else you will lose. Be careful so that you will uncover Zuma's secret.
Bejeweled for Windows
Have fun with gem matching, the Windows version of the famous puzzle on the
internet which features high-resolution graphics, amazing SFX, and a better
destroyer soundtrack together with the usual game-play. Bejeweled is recognized
and adored by most arcade game freaks.
ABC Island
Take a trip to the island of the pirates and look for the buried treasures of
ABC. Go to the ocean and cruise through the wonderful islands while exerting
your best effort to make and arrange more words in the gaming field. You can use
your word skills and some of the bonus objects to finish each level. There are
also gold letters, which can help make it easier for you. Never ever allow your
ship to be put on fire by the burning letters or overblown by powder barrels.
There are many appealing views, which you can see as you continue the trail to
the treasure.
Choose from any of these arcade games and your coffee break will surely be a
satisfying and gratifying one. You can also play these arcade games
alternatively during your break in order for you to have a constant practice of
each game. Thus, it will make you an expert arcade player during coffee break.
Remember, - of course it is not recommended to play arcade games during office