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Crazy for Promotional Coffee Mugs
If you're looking for a way to get your logo seen and your business in the
public eye, consider investing in promotional coffee mugs. Presented as gifts to
clients, or as part of a marketing blitz, promotional coffee mugs can help you
in spreading the word about your enterprise. More noticeable than pens, and more
universal than golf balls, coffee mugs can be used by anyone, anywhere. While
coffee drinkers will appreciate the addition of a new mug to their collection,
non-coffee drinkers can use it for tea, hot chocolate or soup. Promotional
coffee mugs offer an inexpensive, yet highly effective means of advertising your
Personalizing Promotional Coffee Mugs and Glassware
From logos to mission statements, personalized coffee mugs are designed by you
and custom made to your specifications. Even if you don't have a business to
promote, promotional coffee mugs make great souvenirs of class or family
reunions, anniversaries and large scale birthday celebrations. Many suppliers
offer photo transfer services that allow your logo and/or images to be
permanently affixed to a variety of coffee mug designs. As they are generally
purchased in bulk quantities, promotional coffee mugs are extremely cost
effective and are adaptable to most budgetary constraints. Don't let the
competition edge you out, get a head start by distributing promotional coffee
mugs today.
Styles, Shapes and Sizes The Variety of Promotional Coffee Mugs
Personalized coffee mugs to advance your business or cause can be found in an
abundance of styles and several materials. Whether you're looking for an acrylic
travel mug with a spill-proof cap, a standard ceramic mug with a high gloss or
matte finish, or an elegant glass mug with your logo etched into its surface,
promotional coffee mugs are available to suit your taste. Specially sized jumbo
coffee mugs in flared brim and signature coffeehouse styles lead the current
trend in coffee cup promotions. Glass mugs in the traditional pint or Irish
coffee styles are also very popular. If you're on a budget, standard ceramic or
acrylic promotional coffee mugs can be a wise choice. Basically the number of
options you have for color, size and style is virtually unlimited and subject to
your own personal preferences.
Where to Find Promotional Coffee Mugs
The best place to look for high quality, low cost promotional coffee mugs is on
the internet. Many printing and business gift companies provide all the
information you need to know about ordering, shipping and designing promotional
mugs right on their website. Mug designs are implemented with your
customizations and shipped directly to your home or business. Using the internet
to shop for promotional gifts allows you the freedom to browse a wide selection
of options in a short time period from the comfort of your home. If you want to
get the most publicity for least amount of money, promotional coffee mugs are
the choice for you.