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Around the world coffee is the second most traded item in the world, coming in
just behind crude oil (although a distant second we're sure). How ever as more
and more people are paying attention to what they're drinking and eating,
organic coffee is sneaking up in the market share race.Organic coffee wasn't a
real concern when coffee first gained people interest way back in 800 AD. It was
a drink reserved for the wealthy and royalty, even in 1800's when Brazil claimed
the honor of having the largest international coffee crop, still no one was
concerned where or with what the beans were grown.Fast forward to toady, and
there are strict rules and regulations for how any food product can or cannot be
grown. Especially if you're looking to grow an organic product. Organic coffee
is primarily grown in mountainous areas, where insecticides and fertilizers can
become part of the lower watershed once they're washed down the hills from heavy
rainfalls.Many companies today are providing organic coffee, each require
certification and designation as per the Organic Food Production Act set fourth
in 1990. This act outlines the requirements for growing organic coffee, as well
as how their testing can be carried out and what they must do to hold onto their
certification.Growing Fields Must Be Certified OrganicNow it's not just the
growing and handling that must be considered and certified organic when growing
coffee. The ground that it grows in must also be free of any ingredients or
non-organic substances for at least the last 3 years.Because the act requires so
many intricate modifications to the regular growing process, organic coffee will
cost a little more then a non organic brand. Healthy conscious consumers are
willing to pay the price for the better beans. AS most organic growers believe
that growing the beans with only natural methods and no artificial chemicals
helps keep the natural flavour.Whether the taste is superior to a non-organic
coffee is up to the coffee drinker, but there's no arguing that the organic
growing process produces a healthier bean for us to make our favourite cup of joe