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According to 2005 National Coffee Drinking Trends, published by the National
Coffee Association of U.S.A. Inc., more than 53 percent of consumers age 18 and
older drink coffee on a daily basis, up from 49 percent in 2004. That translates
into 7.7 million new coffee drinkers.
With consumers enjoying a wider range of coffee drinks in offices, corner cafes
and restaurants, they are also demanding better-tasting coffee at home. Here are
a few ideas for a better brew:
* Pressure-brewed is best. In blind tests, more people prefer the taste of coffee
that is high-pressure brewed, versus any other method. High-pressure-brewed
coffee requires the use of pump-pressure coffee machines, like espresso
* All pressure-coffee machines are not equal. There are several types of these
machines. Steam-driven espresso machines create pressure in a closed boiler,
then force the hot water through the coffee. Most can make up to 10 ounces of
coffee at a time. A pump espresso machine pumps hot water through ground coffee
faster than a steam machine, creating more pressure with better flavour and
Automatic coffee centers, like those from Jura-Capresso, provide maximum flavour
and aroma because they grind the beans just before the high-pressure brewing
process. These machines control all aspects of high-pressure brewing, resulting
in a better quality beverage, regardless of whether you choose an espresso,
cappuccino, latte or just a large cup of pressure-brewed coffee.
* Look for crema. Crema is thick frothy foam that sits on top of pressure-brewed
coffee or espresso, trapping all the flavour and aroma underneath.
* A high-pressure-brewed coffee should always be the base for your cappuccino or
latte. If you prefer cappuccinos or lattes, experiment with the amount of milk
to suit your taste. Remember, coffee does not have calories, but milk does.
* Determine your price range. Take a look at your coffee-drinking habits. If you
purchase two cappuccinos a day, you may be spending about $1,900 a year on
gourmet coffee. For less than this, you can purchase an automatic coffee center
from Jura-Capresso that produces the same quality found in the coffeehouses.