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It is common knowledge that the caffeine content in coffee is not good for human
health. In spite of that caffeine consumption the world over has increased in
the past decade. If you are a regular hot coffee drinker and still not familiar
with the health issues it poses, it might be worthwhile to read this article.
Tremendous amount of research time has been spent to study the effect of
caffeine on people. Most of the findings have discovered that caffeine ( and
coffee is one of the highest caffeine laced beverage, a lot higher than tea) has
some kind of effect on almost all body parts. Serious health hazards such as
rheumatoid arthritis and heart attacks have also been linked to coffee. The
common ailments are increase in blood pressure ( can be fatal in individuals who
already suffer from high blood pressure) and change in the level of stress
hormones. Heart palpitations, jitters and weakening of the nervous system have
also been associated with long time coffee drinkers.
One of the most harmful effects of hot coffee has been connected with pregnant
women. Malformation or low birth weight is a chronic problem faced by doctors in
cases where the mother has been a regular coffee drinker. Coffee is said to
reduce the ability of the women's body to absorb calcium and other important
minerals which can have harmful results on the child. Lactating mothers are also
warned against having coffee as that gets transferred to the child and the child
may loose the ability to process caffeine in the long run.
The harmful effect of hot coffee is a debatable topic and people continue to
take sides on this matter. It should be kept in mind that regular usage of
coffee is definitely harmful for the health.