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Choosing the right glass coffee table with my wife was more difficult than
agreeing on the best coffee maker. At least we both feel passionately picking
out from the best coffee machines, but this passion made us divisive when it
came to finding a good table to rest our coffee on. We are both professionals
and like getting things our own way. Usually we give each other space so we
don't need to fight over silly things, but when it comes to home décor, my wife
wants things here way. Unfortunately, I want things my way too and this caused
quite a stir when we tried to buy a table together. We couldn't agree on a
single coffee table after we had visited over 10 stores. I have a modern sense
of taste and want something that is clean and simple that give the room a nice
feel and is practical. My wife on the other hand would prefer the coffee table
of an Austrian nobleman. She would probably have bought the gold-plated table
with rhinestones and lion's feet if I had agreed to it. I wasn't going to live
in this kind of Venetian palace and told her so, which she did not like. If she
wants to play decorator for the King of France, then fine, but not in my home!
We were coming close to a bad fight, but I stopped this from going too far. We
don't forgive and forget quickly like some couples. Our fights can go on for
days and are most unpleasant. I didn't want a stupid coffee table to ruin my
next week, so I went ahead with a compromise on the coffee table. We chose one
that we could both live with even though neither of us was really crazy about
it. At least we got something to put our coffee on and went home while still
speaking to each other!