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Could you ever resist the craving to have a second cup of that beautiful,
strongly aromatic and lazily steaming cup of coffee? Perhaps no one can do it. A
passionate Gourmet's delight, freshly brewed, thick and dark brown and
irresistible coffee just brightens up your day like no other drink or anything
else can do.Why Is Gourmet Coffee So SpecialOne might be tempted to ask why
gourmet coffee is so special. Well, here is the answer. For starters, gourmet
coffee is always made by high quality fresh Arabica coffee beans which are
always hand picked unlike other commercial coffees which are mostly machine
graded. Hand picking of coffee beans eliminate chances for dirt such as twigs,
leaves etc to sneak in and spoil your coffee.Secondly, gourmet coffee beans are
specially treated with oils after roasting which enhances its flavour to no end.
The oil used for coffee bean treatment is a blend of many natural oils which do
not have their adverse effect on the shelf life or stability of the ground
powder unlike synthetic oils. The oils are so mixed that their characteristic
flavours neutralize each other.You can have different tailor made roast for your
gourmet coffee. Deep roasted beans some what loose their natural aroma and this
is why you feel the ‘roasted flavour' when drinking it. Rather you would prefer a
lighter roasting which retains its entire natural aroma.Arabica coffee beans are
ground to the exact perfection of fineness to get its best taste. But generally
a finer grind results in a full-bodied cup of coffee, but as many would like it,
coarser grinds are preferred to make coffee with coarse filters.Finer grinds are
preferred by those who like espresso but true lovers of gourmet coffee will
almost invariably go with the coarse ground coffee powder as boiled water takes
its own sweet time to pull out the flavour completely, especially in drip type
filters.Arabica coffee beans are never stored in warehouses as they are
dispatched quickly after harvesting. It is the same story after roasting and
grinding them, too. The beans from Arabica trees are, by nature, tastier than
Robusta, another cheaper variety.To its credit, Robusta coffee bean offers you
higher caffeine content along with that characteristic acidic taste. Another
little known fact is some marketers mix a small percentage of Robusta with
gourmet coffee beans.NamSing Then is a regular article contributor on many
topics. Be sure to visit his other websites Coffee Resources, Coffee Grinder and
Tea Resources