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Do you remember not so long ago when there were only two choices of coffee
available, either regular or decaf? Coffee drinking was pretty simple in those
days. When you invited guests to your house the most you could offer them was a
cup of black or white coffee. Now days however, the world is a much bigger place
offering a plethora of choice. Coffee drinking has become a lot more
sophisticated. Should you find yourself at your local coffee shop, you're sure
to be confronted with an entire menu dedicated to a host of speciality flavours
and blends that can be served either hot or cold.Gourmet coffee has essentially
come of age allowing those who like to indulge a wide array of choices of the
finest tastes from all over the globe. As a rule gourmet coffee is generally
more expensive than the regular types. However I am sure anyone who has tried
some will agree it is well worth paying the bit extra for the uniquely enjoyable
experience of tasting the different specialty blends. If you have never tried
gourmet coffee, trust me you are really missing out on adult pleasures. As times
have changed so have people's tastes in coffee. No doubt that is why coffee
makers have become so popular with many people installing the machines in their
kitchens so they can whip-up their favourite gourmet coffee in just minutes. But
the old favourite coffee presses are still used everyday by loads of people just
like me who adore their simplicity and easy, no fuss clean up and storage. If
you venture down to you local coffee house you are sure to gain an education of
the number of ways coffee can be prepared. Gloria Jean's is one of my favourite
coffee shops and some of their gourmet blends that might inspire you are butter
toffee, creamy chocolate caramel, French vanilla supreme, Swiss chocolate
almond, hazelnut and of course everyone's favourite Irish crème. Coffee
tasting can be a delightfully social experience and believe me you will never
run out of varieties to try when as part of the selection there are coffees like
amaretto, cookies and cream, chocolate macadamia and mudslide, just to name a
few. Today via the internet there is a huge variety of coffees available. If you
are willing to be a bit adventurous I am sure you will find a gourmet brew that
will appeal to your taste buds. Sites are being set up as online coffee shops to
sell the very best quality premium coffee blends from all around the world.
Africa, South America, Italy, France and even New Orleans are just some of the
places where these gourmet coffees originate. If you are trying to find a great
gift for that difficult to buy for relative or friend then why not put together
a gift basket of speciality quality organic coffees. I am sure they will be
thrilled – you can't beat the taste sensation of a top gourmet brew.