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Rise and shine to that stellar scent that floats softly from the kitchen. It
dances just above your nose so that you'll find the strength to rise from that
warm, cozy bed. It's none other than fresh coffee. Isn't it great the way
new-age coffee makers have built in timers that allow them to brew at any set
minute? It's ideal for the American lifestyle. By this I don't imply that we're
lazy, but rather enjoy convenience. We're constantly exposed to more and more
forms of convenience, so it's only natural. Okay, so here's the important part.
Where are you purchasing your coffee beans and are they truly fresh? Many people
don't even know. If you haven't noticed, big store names like Folder's and
Maxwell House have taken a beating lately. The notion of fresh coffee is in
their face and they don't have much to say on the topic. After all, their coffee
is ground and compressed in a can or bag. Who knows how long it sits in there
before it's actually used in a drip pot! It could be months or even years. That
is NOT fresh coffee. Heck, it's not even close. This coffee should have been
tossed out long ago. Although many avid java drinkers don't know it, coffee has
a life span once you roast it. Have you ever actually smelled freshly roasted
coffee beans? The aroma is incomparable. The trick is to find quality beans that
have recently been roasted. It's preferred to purchase beans that were roasted
and bagged a mere day or two ago. This way you'll have about ten days to consume
them. You'll get that outstanding fresh coffee you deserve. You don't even have
to buy them ground anymore. In all honesty, you shouldn't. Purchase your fresh
coffee whole. Then only grind the portion you're using at the time. This makes
for a phenomenal cup of coffee. The smell alone will send your senses flying. I
turn to the local coffee house for fresh coffee beans. This place in particular
is great because they have beans roasted and shipped in weekly. The date they
were roasted and bagged is written on them. Try to find this at Starbuck's! God
knows how old their coffee beans are. I couldn't even begin to guess. If you do
not have a local shop that supplies fresh coffee, you can always turn to the web
for plenty of options.