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Think about having a fresh, coffee-shop-quality espresso when you get up in the
morning without having to leave the house. This is what your very own espresso
machine can provide, but it is important to make sure you buy the right product,
and know how to use it when you get it home.
Espresso is a syrupy, traditionally Italian, speciality coffee. Coffee shop
owners will tell you that making mouth-watering espresso is just like pulling
the perfect pint of beer. It requires patience, practice, and is much harder
than it looks. Good quality espresso machines can make it easier by controlling
the temperature and the internal mechanisms more exactly.
These machines function in several different ways. If, for instance, you value
authenticity, and have strong arms, a Piston-driven espresso maker could be for
you. The design for this fully-manual espresso machine comes from as far back as
1938. Many are now sold for decorative value in addition to making a good cup of
espresso coffee,
There are various types of semi-automatic espresso machines. In all cases the
water is delivered via a pump mechanism, but the grinding, preparation and
insertion of the coffee must be done by hand. These may be more difficult to
find, as recently automatic or super-automatic machines are becoming more
popular and cost-effective.
Automatic espresso machines are very similar to the semi-automatic version, but
the temperature and amount of the water is also controlled automatically.
Super-automatic espresso machines are still mostly for the high-end of the
market. These basically only require you to put the coffee beans in! They may
also have many extra features, such as milk frothing or filter coffee making.
However, some coffee fans believe the super-automatic espresso machines produce
poor quality espresso.
Prices for espresso machines range from below fifty dollars to over two thousand
dollars. The most expensive are pump-controlled espresso machines, which are
generally only used by coffee shops. If you are purchasing one of these, clearly
it is vital to find a reputable provider with experience. Thanks to the Internet
home espresso machines are becoming more easily available, even from
non-specialist shopping websites.
The best advance the Internet has brought though is the increase in consumer
reviews of espresso machines. This helps you to purchase based on the experience
of others, rather than the sales materials provided by the manufacturer.
Once you have invested in the best espresso machine that suits your tastes, you
will need to buy the best quality coffee beans. There is no point blaming the
espresso machine if you have scrimped on this vital component! Espresso machine
providers often offer their own range of coffee beans, which may be much wider
than that available at your local supermarket.
An espresso machine is a perfect investment or gift for somebody really
passionate about coffee. You should be willing, like the coffee shop
connoisseurs, to put some time and effort into making the perfect cup. If you do
this, and choose your espresso machine carefully, you could be well on your way
to coffee heaven!