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Nowadays coffee shops are everywhere and if you are out shopping no matter where
you go today when looking for a cup of coffee, you will be sure to see an
espresso coffee pod maker somewhere near by. Espressos are served up daily to
millions of people all over the world. The first real working espresso coffee
maker to make its appearance was said to have been in Italy in 1935. It was
called The Illetta, invented by Francesco Illy but the espresso coffee pod maker
is a relatively new concept in making coffee.Espresso coffee pod makers can be
found in many households and there are so many different varieties to choose
from. With so many different types of coffee; you want to make sure you have the
right machine to make the perfect cup. You will need a commercial size espresso
coffee pod maker if its main use will be in such establishments as restaurants
or coffee shops but a far smaller more compact model can be used at home.Some of
the Espresso coffee pod makers use steam to create the perfect cup of espresso
and you can get espresso machines that come with or without the wand that makes
the top of the coffee frothy for cappuccinos. There are also Steam pressure
style machines which are made of aluminum, so these are an ideal lightweight
machine. The pump style espresso maker is not as convenient as the new espresso
coffee pod maker but both will provide you with a high quality cup of coffee.If
you have a very busy lifestyle you should not be without an espresso coffee
maker and especially a espresso coffee pod maker. With all the new varieties of
coffee coming up everyday, you will want a good quality machine to make the most
of your coffee. Espresso coffee pod makers are easier and quicker to use as the
correct amount of coffee is already prepared in a small disc shaped pod which
you just insert into the coffee pod machine and most of the newer machines will
give you the option to make many delicious creations. From plain espressos to
the frothiest lattes or cappuccinos, and even tea, a coffee pod maker is a must
have for your kitchen.