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Reading your fortune with coffee is very similar to participating in a Rorschach
test. You need to get the wider view and understand the symbols accurately to
see what is coming. Here are step-by-step points on how to prepare to read
coffee grounds: • Use a white cup to get an precise reading • Grind your coffee
beans as normal. You can use espresso coffee, but do not let any cream, milk,
sugar or anything else to be added • Heat water to a boil • Formulate your
coffee in a French press as standard • Then add a big spoonful of coffee grounds
to your cup and pour the just this minute made coffee over it. Then stir. •
Consume the coffee by holding the cup by two hands• When done consuming the
coffee, tilt the cup on a 90 degree angle and carefully rotate the cup to let
all surplus coffee grounds to be excluded onto a saucer. Don't beat the cup and
don't swirl the cup more than three times. There are a few points to mull over
when interpreting coffee grounds: the rim of the coffee cup, the centre and the
bottom of the coffee cup. The bottom is your past, the middle is your present
and the top is your future. You need to look for shapes and patterns. Here are a
few examples of a number of things to watch out for when you are attempting to
read your coffee grounds: • Axes = Bravery • Cakes & Pies = Good fortune •
Cigarette s= You need to follow through on your arrangement • Cows = Finding
your self in the company with an ex partner• Elephants = Ask someone for a
favour • Garlic = Strength in opposition to an aggressive individual • Guns =
You are treating somebody wrongly • Hats = Somebody is trying to cover their
backs • Chickens = Thoughtful feelings of home. You need to phone or call down •
Knots = Don't worry about those small issue's • Mice = Difficulties occur in
business • Oars = Sacrifice for someone else. • Pigs= A yearning for something
will not happen • Planes = You are going to stay where you are • Rabbits =
Fertility • Rocks = Road blocks on your road to achievement either real or
imagined • Shoes = You are going to have a great distance to journey before you
are going to be truly happy • See-Saws = Highs and lows are headed your
direction • Snakes = Make your decision you are wise • Stairs = Change is on its
way • Tigers = Find your inner strength and move onward • Trees = People find
your insights noble and wise• Urns = Know yourself trust your intuition •
Weasels = Be careful you have a 2 faced person in your inner circle, trust
noone• Wolves = You have good inner strength There are many, many ways to
interpret coffee grounds. Most of it is common sense. There are many coffee
ground interpretation books out there. Get one and practice and the next time
you have a friend over for coffee
…give it a swirl.