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Bad breath would have to be the most common personal hygiene condition that all
of us fail at one time or another. Let's face it if a friend or someone in our
family, or even a work colleague has it, we certainly take a step back out of
their personal space quick smart
….don't we?Of course it isn't news that a daily routine of brushing and flossing
our teeth after we eat is an effective treatment against this type of offence.
However for some people like me who are constantly on the go, carrying out this
simple mouth cleaning treatment throughout the day isn't always possible.
Personally I carry a little box of breath mints everywhere I go because in my
role as a career coach I work up pretty darn close and personal with the
public.Having a breath problem is not something I can afford to have when, as
part of my job, I am leaning over people critiquing their resumes and covering
letters.Maintaining a high standard of personal hygiene and grooming is of
utmost importance if I am to set a positive example for the job seekers to
follow as an effective means of increasing their chances of landing employment.
Like clean underwear a fresh breath is something we should never leave home
without.Some years back I went to visit a new dental clinic to have a tooth
filled. On the day I remember being horrified when the dentist accused me of
being a smoker because the brown stains on my teeth were so bad. Needless to say
the poor fellow copped a mouthful as I told him in no uncertain terms that as
the daughter of one of the original founders of the national anti-smoking
campaign, I had never dared to take up smoking.Once he realised he had made a
mistake in diagnosing what was causing my bad mouth he then went on to ask about
my diet. At the time I didn't understand why he seemed so interested in knowing
what foods went into my mouth as I had already told him I didn't eat anything
with sugar in it and that I used mouthwash twice a day to kill any bacteria.When
he didn't get anywhere with picking on my dietary habits he went on to quiz me
about how many cups of coffee I was drinking a day. Shamefully I confessed to
indulging in six or more a day of my favourite brew. ‘Your breath must be really
bad in the morning.' he exclaimed. Coffee he insisted was up there with garlic
and onions as one of the major causes of halitosis which, just in case you
didn't know, is the technical term for bad breath.So, if your coffee drinking
habits are at the higher end of the scale like mine, then be mindful that it may
be causing you to have bad breath.