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When a blind taste test is conducted, it suggests that mostly people cannot make
a difference between a decaf and a regular cup of espresso coffee if both the
varieties are well brewed and processed properly. However, what about those who
can make the difference? One of the methods of getting rid of caffeine from the
coffee is to treat coffee with hot water, subsequently followed by methylene
chloride rinse.You may be totally unaware of the fact that the coffee you get
has already been processed with water previously in an espresso maker, on
several occasions. Coffee berries after picking are rinsed properly for removal
of their outer fruit covering. This softens the outer fruit, which is constantly
washed, to purge the residual pulp.Warming of green unroasted beans in hot water
or steam, which opens the pores of the beans, is the initialization of chemical
removal of caffeine. Subsequently, the beans are washed with methylene chloride
that binds to caffeine to flush it away.On the other hand, beans soaked for
several hours in hot water percolates caffeine into the bath. Addition of
methylene chloride is followed by the removal of the beans from the hot water.
It only bonds with caffeine without flushing the flavoured components of the
beans and then they are re-soaked, where re-absorption of the flavoured
components is accomplished.There is another method known as Swiss Method, in
which the beans are soaked in hot water without the use of methylene chloride.
On the other hand, caffeine is removed through activated charcoal by filtering
the water. Relatively pure carbon, which is the altered molecular structure of
activated charcoal, provides large surface area for other molecules to stick to
it.Most manufactures prefer the first method as it is less expensive but there
are constant debates on the issue that the same method degrades the taste of the
coffee beans. Major difference among the beans is made by quality control, but
obvious. However, even other techniques are present for caffeine reduction.As a
result of roasting process, the dark, less acidic roasts contents less caffeine.
For those who must reduce blends of decaf and regular have yet other options.For
the issue concerning taste, chemical differences are by and large overwhelmed by
individual preferences. Many people can detect absence or presence of caffeine
owing to it intrinsically bitter taste. It a matter of taste whether caffeine
makes coffee good or bad.