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If you look at any label for any type of food or beverage, you will find out
just how many calories or in the product. When it comes to coffee, you start out
with zero calories, zero carbohydrates and zero nutritional value. Only when you
begin to add the sweeteners, sugar and creamers do the calories in coffee begin
to grow. Many people add coffee to their diets because of its stimulating
effects. Coffee and the unwanted calories that are in it will give you the
energy and endurance to keep going at a fast pace throughout your day. Just how
many calories are in your favourite coffee drinks may actually surprise you.
Learning about the coffee drinks and the calories included in them will help you
adjust the amount you intake while following any diet plan you are on.Counting
Calories In Starbucks CoffeeEveryone seems to love Starbucks, and they have
created so many delectable beverages, that once you taste them the calories seem
to be unimportant to most of us. However, a person who is dieting needs to be
aware of the calories in these coffee drinks. For instance, a Frappucino in a
large cup yields an amazing three hundred and thirty-one calories. That’s
a lot for a drink that started out at zero. Another example of a high calorie
drink is a latte. A tall one has an amazing two hundred and ten calories. Most
dieters would agree that these drinks would not be beneficial to their diets,
but without doing the research on the calories in coffee drinks there is no way
to know what they are actually consuming.Low Calorie Coffee TipsWhen you fix
coffee to your liking, chances are you will add calories. There is however ways
that you can cut down your intake of calories consumed in coffee.Start by
choosing a small cup, either eight or 12 ounces would be fine. When ordering,
ask that your coffee be prepared with fat free milk. This can save you from up
to 80 grams of fat. Use a sugar substitute instead of sugar. (1 tablespoon of
sugar is 15 calories) You should always order coffee without cream, whipped
cream, coffee syrups etc. when you are trying to cut back on the calories in
your coffee.A good way to limit the calorie intake is to refrain from more than
one or two cups of coffee.Did You Know…?Did you know that in order to burn
off the number of calories in one of the fancy coffee house drinks you would
have to walk for 1 hour continuously? This would only burn off the coffee drink
calories and nothing else.