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No house is a home until it contains a coffee maker. I come from a long line of
coffee fans and I cannot imagine a world without coffee. In the last five years
I have gone through at least three coffee makers and I upgrade with every new
one. My latest coffee machine is a Black and Decker model that will probably
last several years. I highly recommend Black and Decker coffee makers because of
their features, reasonable price, and durability. The name Black and Decker
brings to mind images of power tools and their coffee machine falls in line with
that category. The Black and Decker machine has what looks like a steel outer
shell and appears to be a mean machine. The coffee machine is programmable and
comes with a digital display. With these features, you can avoid ever having to
set the coffee machine when you are still groggy in the morning. This Black and
Decker model also comes with two travel mugs which are perfectly sized to fit
under the brew basket. You can brew coffee directly into the mugs whenever you
are on the go or short on time. I have found myself to be dependent on this
feature and have a difficult time imaging life without it. If you are in the
market for a new coffee machine, I strongly recommend the Black and Decker
models. If, however, your funds are a little low or you just do not want to
spend that much on a new coffee maker there are many brands out there with
models under ten dollars. With all of the options out there in our
commerce-driven world, there is a coffee machine for any type of person and all
budget levels. If you do not yet own a coffee machine, I have to wonder about
your mental health. I, like many working folk, cannot start a workday without
fresh coffee and owning your own coffee maker means never having to force down
the sludge that gas stations call coffee. The office where I work has a coffee
service which supplies one of the most well-known brands of coffee in the world
and I can't stand it. I won't mention the brand but anyone who has not been
living under a rock for the last fifteen years can probably guess which one I am
referring to. If it wasn't for my coffee machine, I might never get the caffeine
I need.