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Are you one of the infinite individuals who arise each and every day with java
on their mind? Hey, this is nothing to be ashamed of by any means. I too can
appreciate a superb cup of coffee. However, this isn't something that comes with
any old can of grounds and a cheap drip pot. The true secret lies in the coffee
beans. That's right; it all begins with the coffee itself. You can't seriously
expect any old java to do the trick. Wonderful tasting and great smelling coffee
beans must be sought out. Having said that, if you're one of the few individuals
who could care less what your cup of joe tastes like or where it came from,
please continue to consume any old coffee grounds or beans you choose. As for
the rest of us, it's time to invest in true java goodness. There's a place that
anyone can access fresh coffee beans in this day and age. I'm referring to the
Internet. Therefore it doesn't matter if you reside in some tiny town that lacks
a decent coffee shop. At any time you can hop on the web and seek out stellar
coffee beans. Heck, you can even invest in an awesome espresso machine or drip
pot, all from the comfort of your own home. Okay, let me elaborate on the
different between fresh coffee beans and the old, past due stuff. Coffee beans,
like many foods, have a life-span. Let's say I just had some beans roasted. They
will not only smell magnificent, but the flavour of my brew will be outstanding
since they're so fresh. However, in about two weeks these coffee beans will
start to get old. That is, unless, I vacuum seal them somehow, such as brands
like Millstone do. You can commonly spot their coffee in basically any grocery
store. If the beans are vacuum sealed, you can count on them staying fresh for
at least another three months or so. That's pretty awesome. But, once they're
opened, consider how long they'll taste great and when they'll start to taste
old. Just because you purchased coffee from Starbuck's, doesn't mean the coffee
beans were fresh, or that the java will taste good for that matter. You would
have to inquire further about their roasting and bagging process to learn this.
If you truly want to find some fresh coffee, I suggest you try one of the
countless coffee websites online. They can ship the freshest coffee beans to you
instantly. Trust me when I say it's well worth the effort and slightly varying