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The growing and the drinking of coffee spread around the world rapidly. Coffee
drinkers know how to drink a cup of coffee but how many of those know the
details of coffee, sources or the formulations of each cup. These are the basic
information about coffee.HistoryIn Europe, the coffee was first imported to
Italy. The trading between Venice merchants and the other country merchants such
as North African, Egyptian and Eastern. After the coffee was introduced to the
Venetian, the coffee was widely used in Venice and the other countries in
Europe. The coffee house was first opened in Italy in 1645.In England, the
coffee was available in the beginning of 16th century. The coffeehouse was first
opened in St. Micheal's Alley in Cornhill. In 1675, there were a lot of the
coffeehouses spread widely around England. There were about 3,000 or more
coffeehouses located.In Asia, it was started at Malabar in India and spread to
Indonesia. Now Indonesia is the 4th largest exporter in the world.Coffee
strainsThe science name of coffee is ‘Coffea'. There are more than 6000 strains
of coffees in the world but only 2 strains of coffees that used in the
marketing. These are Arabica and Robusta.Arabica has 44 chromosomes. The
products of each garden are about 240 to 480 kilograms. The Arabica will have
flowers after rainy season and the duration of Arabica to produce the fruits is
about 6 to 9 months. The character of Arabica products is flat shape fruits with
acidity taste. Each fruit has caffeine from 0.8 to 1.4 percentages. The suitable
temperature for plant the Arabica is 15 to 25 Celsius.Robusta has fewer
chromosomes than Arabica, it has only 22 chromosomes. The fruits of Robusta are
egg-shapes. The Robusta will have flowers in every season and take time from 8
to 11 months to produce the fruits. The products of each garden are about 360 to
480 kilograms. And contain caffeine inside the fruits about 1.7 to 4.0
percentages.Sources of CoffeeMany countries produce the nice quality of coffees
to the world markets. Coffee drinkers ought to have a special taste of coffees
from the popular sources such as Columbia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Mexico, Guatemala
or Jamaica.Columbia is a source of Arabica strain. The temperature and soil in
Columbia can produce high quality of coffees. The renowned coffees are Medillin,
Bogota and Suremo.Brazil has the coffee trees more than 4000 millions and it is
the biggest source of coffee in the world. The popular brand of coffee from
Brazil is Brazilian Sandos.Costa Rica is the one of high quality source of
Arabica. If you go to visit Costa Rica, try to ask for the coffees named Tarrazu
and Tres Rios.Guatemala, the Atitlan mountain of Guatemala is the source of
Arabica. The renowned coffees are Antigua and Coban.Mexico, the prominent of
coffee from Mexico is the organic coffees. The good taste of coffee in Mexico is
Veracruz.Jamaica, the renowned coffee from Jamaica is Blue Mountain. The Blue
Mountain is the best strain of Arabica and about 90 percentages of Blue Mountain
export to Japan. The brands of Blue Mountain in Japan are High Mountain Supreme
and Prime Washed Lamaican.