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Lets suppose you want to sell coffee beans or an electric bean grinder, the
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The most important thing is you must know the prices for coffee items and
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drink products. If you have no idea as to what to sell your coffee merchandise
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To sell on ebay you must first list the product, lets pretend for a minute its a
Green Coffee product, it is pretty easy to estimate a price level for this
particular coffee merchandise. Next you need to take a photo and upload it with
your advert, many of the best ebay secret books will tell you to set your coffee
item on some kind of red backing, something like crimson velvet, why should you
do this? you see its a well known fact that things like antique coffee pots and
also antique coffee machines will stand out more if this background trick is
utilized, the more purchasers who discover your merchandise the more chance
there is the bidding will be higher.
The next trick to marketing your coffee or merchandise on ebay is this, when you
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depending on what coffee items you are wishing to sell ], you should list a
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you possibly can, coffee cups, Coffee Tea Sets, list any coffee related item
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Now another secret when advertising goods on the ebay auction site is this,
spelling errors can lead to large amounts of money when auctioning coffee, many
bidders are terrible spellers and may very often misspell words, this is
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This information is not just relevant to coffee products it also relates to any
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