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It's been around since the late 1800's but really coming into it's own in the
early 1900's, the coffee press is a hot coffee brewing device that at first
glance looks very simplistic but brews a cup of coffee like no other. Ask any
coffee enthusiast about a coffee press pot and chances are you're in for a chat
that will last longer then just a minute or two. It's the ultimate brewer to
create a fabulous smelling, aroma rich, wonderful flavoured, coffee.How Does A
Coffee Press Work?A coffee press, as mentioned looks like a very simple device,
basically like a coffee maker carafe with a rod down the center connected to a
round filter. The filter via the rod can be moved from the top to the bottom of
the glass carafe, this allows you to separate the coffee grounds from the
water.So how does it actually work? Coffee beans are first ground very coarse,
they need to be more coarse then you would use in a drip coffee machine so that
when the boiling water is poured over them the water can absorb the flavour,
aroma, and acids from the beans. Water is boiled and poured over the grounds
with the plunger filter out. The filter is replaced inside the carafe, the rod
is pushed downwards into the carafe to separate the grounds form the water,
leaving you with a aroma rich pot of coffee.Pros and Cons of a Coffee PressOf
course any device has it's pros and cons, a coffee press is no different. A die
hard coffee fan will surely appreciate the rich flavour textured coffee it
produces. Not to mention it doesn't require any paper filters. Of course there
is a downside, coffee from a press should be drank almost immediately to really
take advantage of the flavour, also there can be some sediment left at the bottom
of your cub due to the coarse grounds that are used. Some believe that the
sediment that is left can cause your cup to go bitter.All in all a coffee press
is the original way to make a cup of coffee. While things have changed greatly
due to technology, it's still a standard for many. Of course an electric machine
is faster and easier to use, it doesn't produce the same exquisite taste found
from a press. For those that are looking for a time saving option in the morning
for their coffee, stick with your auto drip machine, but if you're looking for
that all natural wonderfully brewed cup of joe consider a press, even if it's
just for the weekends.