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Coffee and Your HealthThe past decades have put a focus on the effects of coffee
on your health. Since people are consuming over 400 million cups of coffee per
day all over the world, then it is natural that we want to know what effect this
will have on our health. Many in the health care industry had believed that
coffee may be unhealthy for us, but now we know that this is probably not
true.Caffeine is found in all coffee beans and is a mild stimulant that can
raise our blood pressure speed up our heart rate, and sometimes give us an
irregular heartbeat. These effects may sound serious, but are in reality very
shortly lived.There are actually more benefits seen linking coffee drinking and
health than we knew about beforehand.Coffee may stop the development of colon
cancer with high levels of consumption. You would have to drink four or more
cups to see this effect. You may have to trade in your single cup coffee maker
to achieve this goal!You may be able to see other benefits of coffee on your
health without drinking this much.For instance, coffee has certain antioxidants
that are also found in wine that can help prevent cancer and heart disease. The
antioxidants found in coffee may be greater than those found in other fruits
such as apples, tomatoes, or cranberries. Another great reason to grab a
cappuccino.There have been Chinese studies that link a positive effect between
coffee drinking and reducing the negative effects of Parkinson's disease.There
have been studies in the U.S. and in Scandinavia that link coffee to a reduction
in the risk of type-2 diabetes. Since the Scandinavians drink more coffee than
anyone this is good news for them!Coffee may also lower ones risk of getting
kidney stones or gallstones. Caffeine also aids us in digestion. For asthmas
sufferers caffeine can help with breathing and coffee also has theophylline
which is a bronchodilator which helps as well. Time to by your asthmatic friend
a single cup coffee maker!There are still of course some risks associated with
coffee drinking such as reduced fertility for men. For women calcium loss from
high caffeine intake may cause weak bones. Drinking lots of coffee can also
cause incontinence in women.Drinking lots of coffee can also give you a higher
level of homocysteine which can lead to heart disease. An increase in LDL
cholesterol or bad cholesterol has also been shown, but its hard to know whether
this will lead to a heart attack or not.Cafestol is found in coffee and also
thought to increase cholesterol in European brews that boil the beans in water.
American coffee made through filtering or percolation is less likely to give
this effect.Weighing the benefits of coffee drinking shouldn't be hard. If you
drink coffee in a moderate amount you should see the benefits without the risks.
So indulge in your favourite cappuccino today!