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A great day begins with a cup of freshly roasted coffee. And that you get from
an excellent coffee pod. Pods or coffee pods or espresso pods are a simple way
to get a perfect espresso and with excellent results. But for the beginners
let's answer a simple question first i.e. what are coffee pods? Coffee pods are
freshly roasted coffee, ground perfect, tampered to the correct pressure and
then encapsulated in a paper. It is the beginning of a rich experience of the
way you drink coffee. The original pod was first designed by Illy caffe around
10 years ago. It was the year 1996 when Illy opened its idea to the coffee
industry to bring a standard pod size to the market. Many coffee machine makers
now offer adaptors with their machines to accept pods. By using them in your
machine not only can you guarantee perfect results, there is no mess and they
help to look after your machine. In fact used ones can even be used as
fertilizer for your garden as well. That is why a rich coffee taste is always
benefiting. If you are an espresso connoisseur by heart you can find a great
relief with the coffee pods. As an espresso lover you understand that there are
many ways of preparation where the espresso can get wrong, the grind, the
measurement, freshness, the roast, tampering, temperature, water pressure are
some areas which one has to watch out to make that special cup of coffee. Now if
you wonder what the best kind of coffee pod is, the answer is the home made one.
Don't be shocked, it is true to the last drop of espresso. You can actually make
them from your freshly roasted coffee beans. Although it is not that easy but it
is sheer fun and little adventure to make one in your kitchen itself. What you
need is your favourite freshly roasted coffee beans perfectly grounded to fine
powder, a sheet of filter paper and some kitchen tools. The first step to get a
home made is to get the correct measuring scoop for the size of the pod. Take
the coffee style filter paper sheet and put it in the scoop. The next step is to
find a glass bottle or something similar which can be used to pressure the paper
in that scoop. If you have found the right size of glass jar (in most cases you
will) center the filter around the jar and do it by putting the combination back
in the scoop leaving a cup shaped filter paper in the scoop. Add one scoop, or
about 2 teaspoons of your favourite ground coffee to this paper-filter-cup more
or less to taste. The typical coffee scoops that come with makers hold about 7
grams of coffee which is just about right. Give the cup a slight shake to evenly
spread the grounds across the bottom of the filter, and then use your finger to
gently fold over the extra filter material, completely covering the ground
coffee. For a really well-formed pod, you can place the jar into the scoop one
last time and press down really hard with the palm of your hand.At last your
favourite coffee pod is now ready to be put into the espresso machine to enjoy
that rich taste of coffee. And who said coffee is not about fun.