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For a coffee lover like me
….I sometimes like a good cup of tea. In this busy world there is nothing finer
than taking time out from a busy schedule to enjoy a quiet cuppa by ones self.
Sitting back with a steaming espresso in hand is like entering an oasis of
sanity in the middle of a hectic day. But then again I do relish sharing a brew
with one or more friends whether it is when they come to visit me at home, or if
we all meet up at a coffee house. Coffee and tea are an indispensable social
tradition the world over. I know I am grossly insulted if someone comes to my
house and turns down my offer of a cup of the good brew However, if it is
summer and the temperature is running a little high many people prefer iced
coffee or tea to cool them down rather than to warm them up. Now days, there
are also some really enticing gourmet blends on the market which include a
variety of fruit or nut flavours that add something special to any occasion.Both
coffee and tea are stimulants which contain caffeine. However if you are
looking to wind down instead of be up-lifted, you can opt for decaffeinated
coffee where the beans undergo a process to have the caffeine content removed.
The only draw back is the decaffeination process tends to take some of the
flavour with it, so it is best to buy a premium grade of coffee when you want the
“no kick” or light variety. Some people can't drink coffee or tea at all because
it affects their blood pressure. More commonly people won't touch coffee
because it interferes with their sleep patterns. Naturally enough if you do have
trouble sleeping then it would be best not to have a full strength brew just
before you go to bed. Maybe an herbal tea would be a better choice. Alternately,
you may like to switch to a caffeine-free version of your favourite brew at bed
time. Of course if you want a bit more buck, then you can always try one of
those flavoured stirrers that are becoming more and more popular and readily
available in supermarkets everywhere these days. Coffee and tea are the
caffeine twins (although coffee is the one with all the hitting power); however
it is quite ironic that both are associated with comfort and relaxation when
really the opposite is in fact the case. If you are really looking to wind
down beer or wine are probably better depressants.We all have our different
daily rituals when it comes to drinking coffee or tea. First thing in the
morning I prefer the jolt of a good espresso. The aroma is as stimulating as the
coffee itself. It might seem strange but at lunch time I enjoy a cup of tea,
something like English breakfast tea does it for me at this time of the day.
Lately with the arrival of warmer weather I have taken to drinking Chai tea.
The spicy taste is quite refreshing and I like it either black or with a dash of
milk. By the close of day I really like to finish off with a top quality gourmet
blend coffee and possibly a glass of port or a small brandy on the side. Enjoy!