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There is nothing quite like waking up in the morning, stumbling to the kitchen
and finding your favourite coffee brewed and waiting for you. Of all the drinks
in the world, coffee seems to have universal appeal. But if you have ever
travelled you quickly discovered that one person's coffee can be quite different
from another's.
A World Wide Business—Coffee Types
Coffee is grown on five different continents and dozens of countries around the
world. There are coffee plantations in Columbia and much of South America. There
are hundreds of plantations in Africa. The growing region expands to the east
and west including the West Indies, Sumatra, and Java.
All of the coffee growing regions are in tropical zones within 30 degrees or so
of the Equator. While all coffee grows in bean form, there are different types
or varieties of coffee plants, hence the many different coffee types.
Roasting and Brewing
Although plant variety can affect the taste of coffee, the way it is handled
following harvesting has a great deal to do with the flavour as well.
Some coffee beans are naturally roasted. These generally produce the darker and
bitterer tasting coffees. The sun does the roasting and then the grinding and
brewing take care of the rest of the flavourful attributes.
There are many different recipes for a great cup of coffee and variations on how
they are served. The cooking methods require specific kitchen gadgetry to help
make the best rated coffees.
From Coffee Makers to Cappuccino and Espresso
There are different types of cappuccino, espresso and coffee makers on the
market. Each of these appliances is designed to make specific coffee types.
Cappuccino is a rich, dark coffee whose recipe originated in Italy. It is a
milder version of Espresso, but not as light as “city” coffee.
Espresso is made by high heat and pressure which produces a thicker and more
potent cup of coffee.
This is usually served in much smaller cups and quantities because of how strong
it is.
Electric machines are making their way from the restaurant into many home
kitchens. The cleaning and care including the job to decalcify are made easier
by the popularity of stainless steel appliances. There are coffee makers also
that do all of the jobs of creating the perfect mug of coffee right on your
counter top and even while you sleep. The grind and brew combination machines
are the ideal way to get the freshest cup of coffee possible.
Decaf and coffee types that contain caffeine can be equally as appealing to the
taste buds. An important fact to remember is that just because a coffee type
taste strong, it does not necessarily contain more caffeine. On the other hand,
a decaf cup of coffee will taste and smell just as good, but without the health
concern of having too much caffeine. The process with all of the new recipes
available at coffee shops, restaurants and even at home, it is possible for
anyone to make the best rated coffee around. This includes caffeine and decaf