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On one occasion I purchased a mocha coffee pack from a local coffee merchant and
about a week and a half later found that the product was no good, quite
understandably I was not best impressed and went back to the dealer to either
secure a refund or trade my purchase for some other coffee related product or
items. Now It turns out had been very careless and lost the cashiers receipt
that the coffee vendors employee had supplied me, due to the fact that the
employee had quit the day after I was left with a fairly useless bundle of
merchandise and an empty space in my account.
Another reason to look after your payment receipt when ordering coffee products
is lets presume you buy italian coffee blender and 4 days later a far superior
product arrives on the scene, clearly the coffee vendor you sourced it from
won't give your funds back but all is not lost, a small loss will perhaps be
incurred but the fact that the original coffee dealer gave you a payment receipt
means that the day can still be saved. Due to the fact that your coffee product
is so new it will definitely be worth offering it on an auction website that
specializes in food and drink or coffee related merchandise, at the end of the
day you are going to make a small cash loss but are not stuck with a product
that you are not fully happy or pleased with.
Sales receipts are more valuable as you might suppose and they are closely
connected with product insurance and your consumer rights, again imagine for a
moment you buy an Italian coffee brewer or possibly a stainless steel coffee
blender , then something happens and your coffee machine is destroyed, lost or
stolen, if the coffee store receipt is safe then obtaining your insurance
payment will be doubly fast when compared to if you had you lost that first
cashiers slip.
When you are ordering items like cuban coffee samplers to glass coffee storage
jars it might be that for some reason you will to take out some kind of warranty
or further insurance, now this is all very well but 99% of all warranties will
certainly require you to also produce a payment receipt with your warranty
papers, now if you get a relatively expensive coffee then obviously it would be
a catastrophe to lose your cashiers ticket as any possible warranty protection
may be lost.
Even if you do not obtain a warranty when buying a coffee grinder or some other
kind of coffee machine you will certainly need a receipt, there may be a number
of reasons for you to return to the coffee merchant or electrical store and
without a receipt you needn't bother going. Coffee products are no different
from any other item you might purchase so you must ensure you keep that sales