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If you have decided that you enjoy coffee enough to start calling yourself a
coffee gourmet, good for you. This is a fascinating world where the standards
are very high, and if you really enjoy a good cup of coffee, this is where you
belong. Gourmet coffee is made from the beans that are the top beans from the
best producers and rushed to the consumer for the freshest taste possible. If
you start to engage in buying gourmet coffee, you will be shopping from
different dealers, obtaining coffee from different parts of the world. Just like
in the world of wine, the flavour change from region to region. Coffee beans from
Africa, for example, have more of a red wine flavour than beans from Central
American, which tend to have a smooth acidity to them. Once the best beans for
your taste are culled from the best areas of the world, the process of roasting
will add even more flavour and aroma to these different coffee types.Picking,
roasting and grinding the coffee brings it to one of the most important final
steps: brewing the coffee. Here the machine you use will be very important.
Whether you are using a Bunn commercial maker, or a small Mr. Coffee, you want
to pick the right one for your needs. Drip machines are still in use, and even
though they may be the choice of a novice because they are so easy to use, many
expert coffee brewers still prefer them. A real gourmet may insist on a press or
hand brew machine so make sure he is controlling the brewing process. Then, of
course the modern world steps in with pod brewers that work like a European
coffee machine, where water is infused through a pad of premeasured coffee. And
of course, if you love espresso, you will want to have an espresso machine.One
of the other important points to remember, whatever type of machine you use, is
that you use the right filter for that machine. Most of the best filters are
made of a permanent filter material such as nylon or metal. A permanent filter
will allow all of the flavour of the coffee grind to go through, rather than be
soaked up by paper.A good gourmet coffee store will also supply you with a
coffee grinder for really fresh coffee. If you want the true experience of
coffee house coffee every time you brew a pot, there is nothing like grinding
your own fresh blend from beans.Whether you have decided that you just want to
have the best cup of coffee each morning, or you want to impress guests and
visitors with a great cup of gourmet coffee, you can get everything you need to
do it right: grinders, roasters, and coffee machines. Get the best of these
products and you will be a coffee gourmet.