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Coffee is a complex mixture of chemical components of the coffee bean. Some of
these components are partially destroyed by the roasting process; however, many
of these components are not. Caffeine is one of the components that is not
affected by the roasting process. With the addition of hot water, the caffeine
is extracted from the coffee bean.Caffeine was discovered in coffee in 1820.
Caffeine is an alkaloid that acts as a mild stimulant. It increases the blood
pressure, stimulates the central nervous system and the action of the heart and
lungs, and promotes urine formation. It also acts as a diuretic and delays
fatigue. Caffeine does have some positive side effects. It has been found to
help treat migraines since it helps constrict the dilated blood vessels,
therefore reducing the pain. It also has been documented to increase the potency
of aspirin and to slightly relieve the affects of asthma attacks. It has been
suggested that caffeine has been linked to possible cancers and birth defects.
However, this has not been confirmed and there are no bans or warnings that have
been issued by the US Food and Drug Administration (US FDA).The amount of
caffeine found in the coffee beans varies. On average, a regular cup of coffee
contains approximately 90 to 150 mg of caffeine. Coffee brewed in a drip coffee
maker has about 115 to 175 mg of caffeine while other coffee makers may brew
coffee with about 80 to 135 mg. Typically, espresso has about as much caffeine
as a regular cup of coffee. On average, a standard espresso cup would have about
100 mg of caffeine. However, the serving size for espresso is much smaller. The
actual content of caffeine per milliliter in an espresso is much higher than in
a regular brew. Also, caffeine is assimilated quicker when ingested in a
concentrated dosage such as an espresso cup.The amount of caffeine found in
coffee blends will also vary. The following are examples of the caffeine content
for different coffee blends:-Brazilian Bourbons: contains 1.20%
caffeine-Columbia Excelso: contains 1.34% caffeine-Columbia Supremo: contains
1.34% caffeine-French Roast: contains 1.22% caffeine-Costa Rican Tarrazu:
contains 1.35% caffeine-Vienna Roast: contains 1.27% caffeine-Decafs: contains
0.02% caffeinePeople hypersensitive to the caffeine found in coffee may decide
to drink decaffeinated coffee. This way, they can still enjoy the great coffee
taste, yet avoid the caffeine. Coffee can be "decaffeinated" by treating the
green beans with solvents called chlorinated hydrocarbons. Once the solvents are
removed, the beans are then roasted by ordinary procedures. Most people become
accustomed to decaffeinated coffee and do not have to worry about the effects of