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Rarely, however, there dwells to think of the origins of this gesture and this
drink become synonymous of behavior.Around this drink have created many legends
and folk traditions there who says that already the time of Homer, in the city
of Troy, used coffee. The first coffee in Europe seems to be come even around
900 - 1000 AD thanks to the many ships that brought unknown goods from all
parts.One thing certain is what he sees sip this dark drink, become, in what is
today Yemen, a real custom, even supported by the government that praised its
energy quality. For Europe is somewhat 'say that certainly the first coffee came
through the Venetian traders, in 1615, especially remembers Prospero Alpini,
botanist, physician of Venice's console, who studied the drink and brought to
the knowledge of the Venice's city. At first the coffee was also used for its
digestive and medical properties and also for this its price was immediately
quite high. Today we find yet Caffè Florian, one of the oldest coffee's shop,
under the arcades of St Mark's Square, Venice, which even then to disseminate
this drink, did distribute a text that praised properties. In today's hectic
life can not miss the time for coffee break and is in the workplace as in our
homes and in bars has become increasingly demanding, for this reason, coffee
machines and drink machines are now becoming increasingly technological
equipment and we don't count more versions and variations, all designed to
enhance quality in its various aroma of coffee. We find so espresso professional
machines, but also those semi-or for private consumption; are available
automatic drink espresso machines that allow enjoy anytime of the day, both in
workspace and along a corridor, each variant of espresso coffee, barley,
decaffeinated. In the new models of coffee machines for domestic use are lines
of innovative and elegant design because the machine also expressed become an
object of furniture and enriches every environment, joining an increasingly
sophisticated technology in making coffee to a design increasingly minimalist.
For use in the workplace, very comfortable and versatile are the drink machines,
machines that allow fully automated, simply by inserting coins of small
denomination, to have ready in a few seconds a hot or cold drink, depending on
the request. In these machines the hot drink sugared already exits, with the
amount preset and there is a small stick to turn sugar. Now all distributors
have the use of key for those who normally use the machine or give the rest to
those who are just passing through. In every place, at home or at work, the
coffee break is around the corner, the hot drink that hides traditions and
ancient stories is a daily pleasure that today, thanks to technological
development in machinery and in drink machines, you can consume comfortably in
any environment.